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Home Owners Insurance Cover Hail Tornado

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Roof Damage After a Storm?

Texans are no strangers to extreme weather. From hail and tornadoes in the summer, to freak ice storms in the …

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A list of the costliest hail storms in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex

Fort Worth Hail Storms: Why are there so many?

“Hail Alley,” That’s what the DFW area is commonly known as. What is often asked is why? Why is the …

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Manufacturers Warranty

Manufacturers Warranties On Shingles: GAF

Since it was founded in 1886, GAF has grown to become the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing products …

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How To Spot a Storm Chaser And Why You Should Beware

It is unfortunate that there are always people and companies that try to scam people after a tragedy or disaster. …

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fort worth roofing company warranty pic

All Warranties Are Not Created Equal

A new roof is a large investment and is expected to last for decades to come. Almost all Fort Worth …

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Fort Worth Roofing Loss image

How Does the Date of Loss Affect My Insurance Coverage?

Natural disasters do not keep to a set schedule, which simply means that homeowners need to be prepared at all …

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fort worth roofing replacement image

Roof Replacement vs Roof Repair

At some point during the lifetime of a roof somebody has to make some tough decisions as to whether continued …

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Fort Worth roofing graphic

What Happens if Your Fort Worth Roofing Insurance Claim is Denied?

Hail damage isn’t a new thing, nor is it a rare occurrence in DFW. The region is hit, on average, …

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Fort Worth roofing graphic

Will My Rates Go Up If I File a Fort Worth Roofing Insurance Claim?

If Texas weather causes storm or hail damage to your roof, repairs can become quite pricey. While your Fort Worth …

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fort worth roofer graphic

Why to Call a Roofer BEFORE Filing an Insurance Claim

When there’s been a wind or hail storm in Forth Worth, roofers are being called by homeowners to inspect for …

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