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Tarp Over Damaged Roof

Emergency Roofing When Your Roof Has Been Damaged

Anybody who lives in Fort Worth where large storms or tornados are a regular threat needs to know a little …

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Home Owners Insurance Cover Hail Tornado

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Roof Damage After a Storm?

Texans are no strangers to extreme weather. From hail and tornadoes in the summer, to freak ice storms in the …

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Layers Of A Roof

Layers Of A Roof

There are many important layers that go into the installation of quality Fort Worth roofing. We’ll lay out these important pieces …

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Failing Roof

How To Spot A Failing Roof

There are several clues, and the biggest one is age. If your roof is more than 20 years old, there’s …

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Architectural Vs 3tab

3-tab Shingles vs Architectural Shingles – What’s The Difference?

This is a really simple page that gets down to the comparison between architectural shingles vs 3 tab shingles. We …

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texas requires license to cut your hair but not to replace your roof

Texas Requires a License To Cut Hair But Not To Replace Your Roof

If you’re finding some leaks in your roof from the recent storms be sure to watch this before you make …

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Going green with white roofing fort worth

Going Green With White Roofing

How much can white or green roofs do to fight climate change? That depends on the region, says a new …

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Stone Cold Goatee Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Is Tougher Than Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Goatee

Do you live in a location where you see the roof damage (and wallet damage) that hail storms cause? Do …

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Justin Bieber Hail Storm Chasers

Why Storm Chasers Are Worse For Your Neighborhood Than Justin Beiber

When you think of a storm chaser, what comes to mind? Someone who spends the spring chasing a rad tornado …

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Green Roofing

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Choosing A Good Roofer

Choosing a good roofer can be the difference between playing “find all the leaks” when it drizzles and sleeping soundly …

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