Cool Roofs

Cool Roofs Are…Cool!

Due to reflecting the sun’s energy from the roof, a cool roof significantly lowers energy costs in your home or business more so than a traditional roof. Old Pro Roofing is the leading roofing contractor Fort Worth for installing these cool roofs on commercial and institutional buildings.

When first installed, the elastomeric coating on a cool roof can reflect up to 90% of solar energy. However, 70% reflection is considered complying with Energy Star® and the Cool Roof Rating Council®.

Comparatively, historical Ft. Worth roofing materials only reflect around 5-25% so they are absorbing much of the sun’s energy, anywhere from 75% to 95%. This absorption is transferred to the rest of the building.

Luckily at Old Pro Roofing, we install cool roofs with excellent strength, durability, weather resistance, and great color coloring with the reflection and efficiency you want. Because of the efficient reflecting of the solar energy, your costs decrease and the roofing materials endures much longer.

Let Old Pro Roofing give you the cool roof you’ve been waiting for!

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