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How Long Does it Take to Replace My Roof?

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The question itself is simple enough but also very important, and it often comes right after “cost” on most priority lists. Homeowners and their families have legitimate concerns regarding the amount of time they should expect to be displaced or inconvenienced. The answer to that same question may not be so easy to come up with and it may be that an entire roof replacement could take anywhere from two-days to two weeks or longer. So many factors can be involved that the solution may not be cut-and-dried. Fort Worth roofing contractors will be able to help you determine how long the situation will be a factor in your daily life. Some of the important factors to consider are what you will see next and this should help serve to clarify your own set of circumstances.

  • Type of roof –

    Composition shingle replacement on a small home with few peaks or valleys may be completed in as little as two days, including all necessary cleanup. On the other hand a metal roof with numerous angle and pitch variations can take between 5 to 10 days and a tile roof between one and two weeks to complete. The condition of the sub-roof is also a factor and may not be determined until the original system has been completely removed. This is why it is recommended that you seek more than one estimate and discuss things very thoroughly with the Fort Worth roofer you settle on.

  • Size of roof –

    Obviously the size of the roof to be replaced will matter but that is often secondary to the type of roof and roofing system involved.

  • Replacement crew –

    This point is easy to overlook at first but it is ground you should cover before you choose your contractor. The bigger the crew and the higher their overall competence level the faster you can expect to have your project completed. At Old Pro roofing, you can be certain that our roofing crew will adequately staffed and highly experienced. This ensures that your project is completed both quickly and safely.

  • Mother Nature –

    Weather is one of those things that can make hash of even the best plans and should also serve to warn the customer that there are some things that are out of the control of your contractor. The homeowner and contractor should be on the same page, however, when it comes to knowing if the contractor already has all the necessary materials and manpower on-hand or if there could be delays.

  • Hidden problems –

    Some contingencies can be accounted for ahead of time. For example, interior water damage can point to sub-roof problems that will be obvious to your roofer, but there may be other problems that only come to light after taking off the original material. Talking about these possibilities beforehand can save both contractor and homeowner a lot of unnecessary conflict. Reliable Fort Worth roofers will make you aware of these things before they become a problem.

Anticipation can minimize the turmoil involved with a project of this magnitude and your professional Fort Worth roofing companies will have the answers to questions that could otherwise cause unneeded stress.
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