Benefits of Metal Roofing

Benefits Of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are eye-catching, strong, and cost effective. Old Pro Roofing’s metal roofs are a favorite choice to protect the homes and businesses of our customers, which is a number we see increasing daily. Here are a few reasons why choosing a metal roof from Old Pro Roofing, the roofing contractor Fort Worth trusts, is the best decision you can make.

Metal Roofing Saves Money On Energy Bills

The finish of a metal roof has special reflective pigments that cause a cool, efficient home. The pigment is special because it has a chemical structure that causes the infrared portion of the sun’s rays that are responsible for heat to be reflected away. Perfect for summer, a metal roof reflects the sun’s heat leaving you with a cooler home. On the other hand, the reflection of the roof keeps the snow and ice at bay in the winter. According to metal roof homeowners, they usually save more than 20% on their energy bills!

Tough Weather Is No Problem With a Metal Roof

Due to our interlock and clip system, our metal roofs are weather-proof and resist the wind on all sides. Lab tests have proven this interlocking system to hold up with winds up to 110 miles per hour. Even during the worst hurricanes, homeowners with metal roofing systems reported that their roofs withstood, without fail, and saved them from costly damages.

Metal Roofs Are On The Leading Edge of Technology

Everyday at Old Pro Roofing, we ensure our materials and designs are up to standard. Old Pro Roofing uses the finest materials and the most detailed inspections to ensure our roofing systems are the most current in roofing technology. Our metal roofs never rot, rust, or deteriorate, giving our customers a lifetime’s worth of strength and security.

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