Metal Roofing FAQ’s

Here are some metal roofing FAQ’s to help you decide is metal roofing is right for your home or business:

Why is a metal roof the right choice for my Ft. Worth roofing system?

Metal is a more endurable and lasting material over asphalt, wood or slate. It is definitely the most practical today.

How does a metal roof look?

There is a wide range of metal roofing colors and styles available today. No matter what your taste is, metal will have a variety for you.

Won’t metal rust or fade?

Metal roofs installed by Old Pro Roofing endure because of the resistant coating we use. It is the best on the market and the roofs are painted with high performance baked enamel.

How long does a metal roof last before it needs replacing?

Some metal roofs have been known to protect buildings for over 100 years. At Old Pro Roofing, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products and services.

Is a metal roof installed over my existing roof?

Maybe. Upon inspection, Old Pro Roofing will determine if we will need to remove your current roof. Because metal roofing is so light, it may be installed over existing roofing materials.

How noisy is a metal roof?

Often, metal roofs are wrongfully thought to be noisy. Because a metal roof is placed over a solid roof, it is not noisy like a barn’s tin roof. Due to insulation and attic space, there is built-in sound barriers in homes. Metal is not noisier than a traditional roof.

How much does a metal roof cost?

Because metal roofing offers lifelong durability, it should be considered an investment for your home. Arguably metal roofing will never need replacing so it is extremely economical. Traditional roofs are costly because of the constant wear and tear and replacement of materials.

How hot does a metal roof get?

Since metal reflects so much solar energy, this reduces the heat of the structure in general up to about 70%. Metal experiences 34% less heat absorption than asphalt shingles. Think of metal roofing as R-11 insulation on the roof in the sun.

What about metal roofs and lightning?

Because lightning is attracted to high points and not necessarily metal, a metal roof has no better shot of being struck than a traditional roof. The good thing is if a metal roof is hit by lightning, it can help prevent a fire from catching because of dissipating the electric charge.

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