Metal Roofing Basics

What’s your roof made from? Wood? Tile? Lately it seems we see more and more metal roofs becoming the popular choice throughout the area. As the leading Fort Worth roofing contractor, Old Pro Roofing has been installing metal roofs all over the Metroplex. But why is a metal roof a good choice for your home?

Metal Roofs are the Hot New Technology

Our materials and designs are tested daily at Old Pro Roofing. We want to make sure your roof lasts as long as possible so we test the raw materials and inspect them carefully before shipment. Ease your mind!

Metal roofing is becoming more popular every day and we are constantly adapting to the changes. We only use the most durable and eye-catching products because our manufacturers are the leaders of the industry. Our homeowners’ roofs never rust because we use the finest aluminum.

Metal Roofs are Strong and Secure

UL 580 is a rigorously demanding test of roofing materials that simulates wind speeds over 120 miles per hour. Our metal roofing systems have endured and exceeded this testing.

Our metal roofing systems will also protect your home in a fire. Because a lot of wildfires begin on the roofs of homes, you can rest assured that a metal roofing system will protect your home, family, and possessions from a tragedy. We use non-combustible roofing materials to ensure your family and home’s safety.

Metal Roofs are Good Looking

Metal roofing systems have such awesome warranties against rusting, chipping, and fading because of the Kynar500® and Hylar5000® coating used. These coatings ensure gorgeous and strong roofs, making them the industry leader. Since everyone has different style, a metal roof comes in all types of colors and looks.

A metal roof will make your home good looking and increase its value because of its lifetime of protection.

Metal Roofs Last a Lifetime

Metal roofing systems are made from aluminum. Because of this, they don’t rust and are able to withstand inclement weather. Old Pro Roofing offers a lifetime warranty because we know we use the most superior materials on our metal roofing systems.


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