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Why to Call a Roofer BEFORE Filing an Insurance Claim

By December 15, 2012

When there’s been a wind or hail storm in Forth Worth, roofers are being called by homeowners to inspect for potential roof damage. At the same time, some homeowners are calling their insurance companies to report the potential storm damage. Who should you really be calling first when you suspect roof damage, a Fort Worth roofer or your insurance company?

Your first call after a severe storm or any time you suspect roofing damage should always be to a reputable roofer. Fort Worth homeowners who have a roofer inspect their roof for damage before contacting their insurance company gain several benefits.

  1. Protection From Additional Damage. Some storm damage to a roof is very visible, such as patches of shingles actually missing from the roof. Other times, shingles have been torn lose but remain in place, hiding the fact that damage exists. In either of these cases, the interior of the home may be in danger of water damage from a leaky roof. An experienced, professional roofing company will not only be able to spot the less obvious areas of damage, but also will be able to provide temporary protection over damaged areas if it is needed to protect the interior of the home from further harm.
  2. Professional Inspection. Since roofers have more experience with different types of shingle damage than the average homeowner, they are likely to perform a much more thorough inspection. Hail damage, for instance, can be difficult to detect for the inexperienced. Hail can damage the granule coverage on shingles, decreasing their affective life. The trained eye of an experienced roofer will be able to spot this type of damage.
  3. Assistance With Insurance Claims. Experienced Fort Worth roofers like Old Pro Roofing will be able to advise you on whether or not you have a valid insurance claim. We have worked with many different insurance adjusters and insurance companies and regularly meet with insurance adjusters to ensure that all aspects of the homeowner’s roof damage are included in the insurance claim. Our clients appreciate our understanding of the insurance claim process and our advocacy on their behalf.

Insurance companies will often try to avoid or limit payment on claims. Having a Fort Worth roofer like Old Pro Roofing working as your advocate and assisting you in documenting and filing your claim will strengthen your ability to negotiate with your insurance company.  There is no charge for an inspection of your roof by our roofing specialists. Give Old Pro Roofing a call at our Fort Worth office: 817-929-ROOF (7663) or use the contact page on our website to request an inspection appointment today!

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