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Will My Rates Go Up If I File a Fort Worth Roofing Insurance Claim?

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If Texas weather causes storm or hail damage to your roof, repairs can become quite pricey. While your Fort Worth homeowner’s insurance policy is put in place to protect your family budget from being forced to shoulder the financial burden, many homeowners are hesitant to file a claim for fear that it will dramatically raise their annual premiums. Is this a concern based on reality or is this just an unfounded myth?

The Answer

If you’re filing a claim for repairs after hail or wind damage or other “acts of God” your insurance company cannot legally raise your individual insurance premiums due to the filing of that claim. It is an unfortunate myth that has circulated for many years, causing homeowners to delay or avoid filing a legitimate insurance claim. It has been the experience of Fort Worth roofing companies, that if an area has been hit with severe weather repeatedly, your insurance premiums may go up, whether or not you file a claim, just as the premiums of other property owners in the area can. Insurance companies base their premium rates on a number of factors, but a homeowner should never hesitate to file a claim for damage that exceeds their deductible, especially when it is a result of natural occurrences.

Don’t Delay the Filing of a Fort Worth Roofing Insurance Claim

In addition to not filing an insurance claim at all, another mistake homeowners make is delaying the filing of a claim. Sometimes this is due to the fact that the roof damage is not immediately evident after a storm. Other times, the damage appears minimal and the homeowner simply procrastinates, waiting to make the claim at a more opportune time. The dangers in delaying the filing of a claim are multiple. One is the fact that the insurance company may put a limit on the time a homeowner has to file a claim after damage as occurred; often times this is as short as one year. Sometimes evidence of the damage may not appear until several years later. If the claim is in place, those later issues that arise may still be covered. It is easy for time to slip by and that time limit to elapse before you realize it. In addition, delayed documentation of damage can make it difficult to tie damage to a specific weather event. The other reason to file a claim as soon as possible is for the protection of your home. Roof damage can often be more substantial than it appears on the surface. Your roof is one of the most important moisture barriers on your home. Keeping it well repaired is critical to protecting the interior of your home.

Request a Free Roof Inspection Before You File a Claim

The easiest way to determine whether you should file a claim or not is to place a call to a Fort Worth roofing company like Old Pro Roofing. We will come out and do a thorough inspection of your roof, free of charge. Our years of experience dealing with insurance companies and insurance adjusters places us in a position to advise homeowners on the filing of a claim with their homeowner’s insurance. We know how to properly document each area of damage and will happily meet with the insurance adjuster to be sure that your claim is addressed fully. Don’t delay any longer! Call us to schedule your free roof inspection today!

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