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How Long Should My Roof Last in Fort Worth?

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Roofing is your first line of protection from the elements and, as such, great care needs to be exercised when replacing an old roof or installing one on a brand new home. The useful life expectancy of any given roof depends on a number of factors which we’ll break down for you here. We’ll save material ratings for the end because any kind of roof you have will still depend on these other items. Reputable Fort Worth roofing companies will work with you so that you get the best combination of roofing qualities and cost effectiveness.

Common Factors in Fort Worth Roofing

  • Exposure –

    Exposure has to do with the setting of your home, different roof angles and pitches and even micro-climates. Some portions of your roof may face south with greater exposure to the sun’s rays. Other parts may face north or be constantly shaded, in which case fungus and mildew can be more of a concern. Titanic natural events, which can occur at any time in the Metroplex, will test any roof, regardless of setting.

  • Sub-roof Conditions –

    Does your home “breathe” well or does it trap moisture? If your home isn’t properly ventilated moisture will tend to build up and that can cause a lot of problems for the roof. A warped or weakened sub-roof can cause shingles to curl, tiles to crack or fall off and a myriad of related problems. Your local Fort Worth roofer knows what to look for when assessing your project because he lives and works with the same conditions that you experience.

  • Workmanship –

    Along with choice of material, the workmanship is the most important factor in determining just how much useful wear you will get from your roof. You could bring in the finest black Buckingham County slate from Virginia and still end up with a leaky roof if it isn’t installed properly. By the same token, if you are careful when you choose a Fort Worth roofer you are likely to end up with a roof that may even outlive it’s material rating.

The cost of materials will vary greatly, from economical composition shingles to the various grades of natural slate. Each material has its positive and negative qualities, and these are the things you will determine with the help of a qualified Fort Worth roofing company.

Useful life expectancy of some common roofing materials when properly installed

  • Natural Slate – 50-100+ years
  • Wood Shingle and Shake – 10-40 years
  • Clay Tile – 50+ years
  • Rolled Roofing – 5-15 years
  • Composition Shingle – 10-30 years
  • Concrete Tile and Shingle – 50+ years
  • Synthetic Tile – 50+ years
  • Sheet Metal – 70-150 years

Material guarantees all come with some form of fine print concerning installation and maintenance When Old Pro Roofing does your install, you can be assured that the installation will always meet or exceed the manufacturers installation requirements.
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