What Happens if your Insurance Claim is Denied?

Many people get home insurance because they know that once bad weather strikes, they know they are protected. Each year homeowners spend thousands of dollars on homeowners insurance hoping that the one time they would actually need to use them that they will be there. It is supposed to be a financial security. You pay a little a month so you don’t have to pay a lot later. What happens if that moment comes and your insurance is denied?

How often does this happen and how does this happen?

Most insurance companies deny claims on a daily basis. They simply will not pay if they don’t deem it to be necessary. Most denied claims often occur due to filing errors. Insurance companies routinely file good claims in with the denied claims. This is not done purposefully, however it is a problem that you must address. This is why it is important to keep close tabs on your insurance company especially once they have denied your claim. Normally when your claim is denied they will provide you with a detailed reason why your claim was denied. Read that reason and review it with your policy.

Odd reasons for claim denial

Also you must keep in mind when there is no coverage for the cause of loss. This means that if a flood were to occur and your home was damaged beyond repair, if your policy does not cover flood damage, it will not cover the loss of your home. This is why it is important to review your policy. If you do not have a current copy of your insurance, call your company so they can provide one for you. Occasionally your insurer might mistakenly put a limit on your maximum coverage policy. These cases normally occur when an insurer has misfiled your documents. If you are ever denied, your company is legally obligated to inform you of all the detailed reasons as to why your claim has been denied. If this information is not provided, you with you should file for an appeal.

How can I prevent this?

Review your claim and make sure that the details match those stated in your policy. This is why it is also important to review your policy ahead of time. Remember to review your evidence prior to speaking with an adjustor. This is easiest if you call a roofing company to come by to give you a free roof inspection. Top roofing companies will take pictures of your roof to keep as evidence for the insurance company. In fact, here at Old Pro Roofing, our roofing contractors stay with you to help you talk to your insurance company. Also, just in case the insurance company does deny your claim it is important that you keep up with everything. You must have anything and everything documented, this means recording conversations, making sure any statements are in writing, and you have visual proof (photos or video) of damage and when the damage occurred. When you have an insurance adjustor come and look at the damage to your home or roof, it is necessary to have a professional roofing contractor come along to let the adjustor know the initial cause of damage. This is why all documentation needs to be accurate.

How can I file for an appeal?

If for any reason you feel as if you have been treated unfairly, or have been unfairly denied, you can always file for an appeal. It is important that when filing for an appeal that you have all of your documentation in order and that it is accurate. If your insurance company does not approve your appeal, or if the process is dragging on, you should file a complaint with the Department of Insurance in your state. Here in Dallas/Fort Worth you can contact them online at www.tdi.texas.gov. They will review your claim and fairly decide the fate of your roof or home. They will even investigate your insurance company and determine whether or not they are running things correctly.

What is my next step?

When dealing with your insurance company after a disaster be sure to hire a good roofing company to be on your side. No one should ever feel helpless or alone when dealing with his/her home. There is always a way to make your insurance pay for repairs to your home. Don’t let “no” be their final answer. At Old Pro Roofing, we will take care of you and protect you against unfair denials by your insurance company. We will be by your side until your roof replacement is complete. Don’t wait until the damage is too much, call us now at (817)929-ROOF!