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Why Should I Get an Annual Roof Inspection?

By June 18, 2013

Many people do not give a second thought to their roofs until there is a problem. Unless there is debris making it look messy or there is a leak, some homeowners ignore their roof’s needs. However, annual roof inspections are about preventing issues and saving money in the long run. Just like an annual physical or dentist appointment, you need to schedule a check up for your roof as well.

Benefits Of Annual Roof Inspections

An annual roof inspection can spot many issues before they become expensive problems. Replacing or repairing a roof as needed is much less expensive then the water damage and other issues that can result when it is ignored. Although you can do some inspecting yourself, having a professional Fort Worth roofing contractor do a complete inspection has many benefits.

–        Shingle inspection.

Whether you have traditional asphalt shingle, tile or cedar shakes, the best way to ensure they are holding up is to do a visual inspection. A professional Fort Worth roofing contractor knows the signs to look for that indicate deterioration and potential failure. Cracks, peeling, broken shingles and tears can all be signs that repair or replacement is necessary.

–        Flashing.

Many roof leaks happen due to flashing issues, especially around skylights, chimneys and vents. If the flashing gets worn or becomes loose, water may enter the home causing untold water damage and even mold issues. Since the flashing is under the primary roofing material, a roof may look like it is in excellent shape yet still leak.

–        Moisture testing.

A professional roofing contractor can also test for moisture to find any possible problems. Sometimes it can be difficult to visually spot a problem yet moisture testing or infrared imaging can bring the culprit to light.

If problems are detected, your roofing contractor can propose solutions to prevent further damage. Roofs that become compromised can lead to expensive emergency repairs and further damage that may require an entire roof replacement as well as interior repairs. Just like your teeth, it is much less expensive to have a cavity filled then to wait until you need to have a painful and expensive root canal. By staying on top of your roof maintenance by having it inspected, you can extend the life of your roof and save money in the end.

Annual roof inspections are not only a good idea they can also be free! There is a high quality Fort Worth roofing company that offers to give these inspections at no cost to you, leaving no reason to overlook this important maintenance – Old Pro Roofing.  We would be happy to come to your home or business and do your annual roof inspections free of charge to ensure your roof is getting the maintenance it needs.

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