5 Reasons To Get A Roof Replacement

When you think of all the repairs you probably need to do on your Fort Worth home or office building, where does your roof rank? Usually we can think of all the interior issues we have going on like a leaky faucet or a faulty toilet. But we don’t really consider how much our roof may need fixing until rain starts pouring into our bedroom. How often do you sneak a peek at the status of your shingles? If your roof is looking like a hot mess (think Britney Spears circa 2006-07), it might be time to increase that curb appeal and get your roof looked at by a reliable Fort Worth roofing contractor.

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Unfortunately, with things like inclement weather it is easy for your roof to get battered and beaten over time. While patching up leaks and shingles and keeping it clean is important, the best thing you can do is give your roof a complete roof replacement. Especially if you like your belongings dry!

Here are the 5 best things about getting a roof replacement:

1. A Roof Replacement Gives You Cover

The first thing a roof replacement will give you is a nice, new protective layer that will last for many years. If you think about it, your roof is the first defense against the harsh elements of Fort Worth and not only does it keep those important files at the office safe, it has a lasting effect on the overall structure of your home or business by keeping the materials dry and regulating the temperature.

2. A Roof Replacement Gives You Mental Tranquility

Knowing that your roof will bear all the hail and rainstorms heading towards your home or office in Fort Worth will give you peace of mind so you can worry about things that really matter like “why does Tony Romo hate going to the playoffs?”.

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3. Hey there, good lookin’! …Where’d you get them shingles?

Give your neighbors and clients roof envy. With Old Pro Roofing’s incredibly large selection of roofing materials, you can choose that perfect color that will have everyone thinking about why your home or office looks better than theirs.  If you’re a business it’s all about keeping a beautiful presentation so people will want to come work with you and few things can improve the appearance of a building as much as a new roof.

4. Mo’ Roof Replacements, Mo’ Money

When you replace your roof, you are making an investment in your property and increasing its value. Curb appeal can be the difference in somebody buying your house over the others in your neighborhood. A new roof has the added advantage of giving a potential buyer the peace of mind that they won’t have to worry about costly roof repairs as soon as they move in.


5. A Roof Replacement Often Takes No Money Out Of Pocket

If your Fort Worth roofing has been through any sort of damage like hail storm, your insurance company will happily replace your roof and often times it will not cost you anything out of pocket! The insurance companies would rather buy a new roof than drag out costly repairs because they are responsible for any damage that may occur to your property from things like leaks. The risk of having to replace your belongings simply isn’t worth the risk of not making sure your roof is in tip top shape. Old Pro Roofing will help you file your insurance claim and walk you through every step of the process, keeping you and your wallet happy!

Trust Your Home To An Old Pro

At Old Pro Roofing, we can help you with your roof makeover. We want you to feel safe, secure, and attractive in your home or business. We offer a five-year workmanship warranty in addition to the manufacture warranty on all products and materials. Call us today to get your free estimate. Trust your home to an old pro!

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