6 Ways Nature Causes Roof Replacements

Mother Nature is one force that nobody can get away from. Living here in the Dallas – Fort Worth roofing market, we have our own regional specific weather patterns that wreak havoc on our roofs. Here are some of the most treacherous weather causes of roof replacements:

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  • Heavy rain – Heavy rain can lead to a roof collapse. Heavy rain can also leak through to your roof. Luckily, most insurance companies cover roof leaks caused by heavy rain.
  • Straight line winds – Straight line winds are very dangerous for Dallas – Fort Worth roofing. Some of the danger is in the debris that gets kicked up. Sometimes the wind itself can blow off a few shingles. Living in the Dallas – Fort Worth roofing market, straight line wind is a real issue and causes roof replacements every year.
  • Hail Storms – With Dallas and Fort Worth being in the top 10 for hail prone cities, our roofs are constantly in danger and consistently getting battered by these storms. These storms lead to more roof replacements in Dallas and Fort Worth than just about any other weather related issue.
  • Snow – This is not as relevant here in the Dallas – Fort Worth roofing market, but it can still lead to some damage to your roof. Heavy snowfall can add enough weight to actually buckle your roof. We don’t get too much snow in this part of the country, but when we do you should definitely call your Dallas and Fort Worth roofers to come by and give you a free roof inspection
  • Tornados – Sadly tornadoes are a real issue here in the Dallas and Fort Worth roofing markets. We live at the edge of tornado alley and our roofs are on the front lines of this battle for survival. A strong tornado can rip the roof right off of the house or pick up a car from miles away and throw it into your roof.
  • Hurricanes – This is a combination of heavy rains, straight line winds, and tornadoes put together. This is the absolute worst for your roof and house and safety. In the Dallas and Fort Worth roofing market we don’t have to worry about this happening to us anytime soon. Our friends down south, however, must deal with this on a yearly basis.

Mother Nature can be a tough adversary for Dallas and Fort Worth roofing. Our best weapon in this battle is having good information and responding quickly. The day after a storm happens in your neighborhood, call your Dallas – Fort Worth roofing company to come by and give you a free roof inspection. Old Pro Roofing offers free roof inspections for whenever you are ready to take the next step.

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