All Warranties Are Not Created Equal

A new roof is a large investment and is expected to last for decades to come. Almost all Fort Worth roofing companies will offer some type of roof warranty on their work but not all of them are the same. Before spending money on a new roof, shop around to find out what kind of warranty is offered with the roofing company you choose.

Types Of Roofing Warranties

The warranties that are advertised on roofing products and services can be confusing. Many roofing material manufacturers advertise 20, 30 and even higher warranties on their products. However, this does not mean that if there is an issue down the road that getting it fixed will be 100% covered. There is plenty of fine print that consumers need to be aware of and a big difference between a manufacturer warranties and a workmanship warranty.

Manufacturer roof warranties on materials have specific terms on when and if the materials will be covered. Some may require that certain maintenance performed for the warranty to be valid. Also, although the materials may be covered, generally the labor is not. Homeowners can be disappointed five or ten years down the road if their roof needs repair or replacement and they are stuck with a large labor bill. Reading the fine print can help set realistic expectations on what the warranty will really cover.

Workmanship warranties are offered by the company who actually installs the roof and cover the work for a specified amount of time. Some companies offer this warranty at an additional cost, while others include it with any new roof. The average workmanship warranty in the roofing industry is 1-2 years. However, Old Pro Roofing, a quality Fort Worth roofing company, offers a 5-year workmanship warranty on all roofs they complete. Workmanship warranties may cover:

–        Installment errors. Even the best roofing company can make a mistake once in awhile. Workmanship warranties cover repairs due to issues in the installation. This could be too few nails used or an improperly fastened shingle.

–        Leaks. Many workmanship warranties will cover chimney leaks and other leak issues.

–        Flashing. Proper installment of flashing is important to protect against leak issues.

In most cases, both product and labor are included when you have both a workmanship and manufacture warranty for covered roof repairs. Of course this does not generally include any damage that is caused by other sources, only if the roof fails under normal use.

Before making that next large roof purchase, make sure you understand exactly what you are being promised in the way of your roof warranties. Take the time to read the fine print and ask questions before committing to a roofing contract. For those looking for a Fort Worth roofing company, call Old Pro Roofing and ask us about our 5-year workmanship warranty on all new roofs.

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