Best Commercial Roofing Products: TPO Flat Roofs

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) single-membrane roofing products have gained in stature and market recognition in recent years. Fort Worth roofing contractors utilize a variety of TPO system products, in part, because the flexibility of the systems allows them to withstand wide temperature fluctuations without losing their structural integrity. Different companies may use different chemical makeup in their TPO products but there are some constants. All TPO roofing materials center on a single-ply that consists of a polymer base, a reinforcement layer of mesh fabric and a thermoplastic polyolefin covering layer.

Why use a TPO? The following items highlight the benefits of TPO roofing, especially on flat commercial roofing.

• Sun and heat – TPO materials are both UV and heat resistant, vital in large commercial buildings. In Dallas and Fort Worth roofers know the damage that sunlight and heat can cause. Lesser products don’t have the same capabilities and that leads to more frequent and costly roof repairs and replacements.

• Strength – TPOs are heat weldable, making it possible to form a single membrane that is as much as 4 times as strong as other membranous systems. Flat roofing, common in commercial use, takes the worst beating from the elements, especially hail and sunlight. TPO roofing has shown that it can take more punishment than other types of roofing.

• Expansion – Flat roofing systems must allow for a good deal of expansion and contraction, according to temperature fluctuations. TPO systems have great flexibility, which prevents cracking. Fort Worth roofing must deal with what’s called a “long thermometer”, which refers to temperatures that can vary widely over short periods of time.

• Environment – TPO products are friendly to the environment. Materials can all be recycled and heat reflection qualities mean greater energy efficiency when it comes to temperature control. Less money and energy are spent to keep interior building temperatures within narrow ranges.

• Color – Color choices are available in TPO roofing systems, allowing them to blend or contrast with surroundings as needed.

• Durability – With the correct installation and maintenance a commercial TPO roofing system should last from 10 – 20 years. The greatest single factor that affects the lifespan of a roof, along with choice of materials, is how well the roof was installed.

• Maintenance – TPO roofs are mildew and algae resistant, making them good choices in a variety of climate situations, such as those that confront area residents.

In Dallas and Fort Worth roofing contractors are all-too-familiar with the damage that hail can cause, so it is good news to them that a properly installed TPO roof can take a lot of punishment without cracking. Proper roofing is an investment and it definitely pays to carefully research your project before committing to anything. Contact your Fort Worth roofing professionals to find out more about TPO roofing and whether or not it can work for your project. Old Pro Roofing can be reached online through the contact information provided on this website, or by calling one of the numbers below.

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