Complete Tear-off vs. New Layer of Roof

Complete tear-off or just add a layer of shingles? This is an important decision because the roof on your house is your most important protective layer against the forces of nature. Reputable Fort Worth roofing companies will be able to determine the overall condition of your roof and give you information and recommendations as to the shape your roof is in. They can provide estimates of various materials and how well they will work and how long they will last. If any Fort Worth roofing companies suggest roofing over an existing layer of shingles, find another contractor! Shingling over an existing layer of shingles is bad advice, no matter who it comes from. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Extra Weight –

    Adding additional layers of shingles onto your roof increases the load your roofing structure is bearing on a daily basis. The extra weight can weaken your roof structure and cause your decking to deteriorate faster.

  • Warranty Issues –

    The manufacturers of roofing shingles are very specific in their warranties about the methods of installation used. When the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation followed, it can void the warranty on your shingles. Manufacturers do NOT recommend installing their product over existing layers of shingles.

  • Undetected Problems –

    Without a total tear-off of the existing shingle layer, problems in the roof deck or structure may go undetected and unresolved, leading to future roof issues.

  • Decreased Lifespan –

    Shingles are not meant to be layered over old layers of shingles. Without the solid backing of underlayment underneath a layer of shingles, the new shingles are not likely to last as long as they would if properly installed.

  • Negative Impact on Resale Value –

    Informed home-buyers will take note of a roof that has multiple layers of shingles on the roof. These buyers will recognize this as improper installation and a potential for future problems. If you are planning to list your home for sale, cutting corners on your roof replacement can be a serious mistake.

With all you have invested in your roofing system you don’t want to suddenly become short-sighted when it comes to maintaining that system. Again, this is where reliable professional help is something you need to be able to count on. Old Pro Roofing consistently earns A+ scores from the Better Business Bureau, assuring you of honest and competent service. Call today and schedule a free no-obligation inspection that will enable you to make educated decisions concerning your roof.

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