Fort Worth Roofing | Why Does DFW Get so Many Hail Storms?

Climate and Weather

The Dallas/Fort Worth climate is prone to great weather extremes. Summertime temperatures often soar into the triple digits while the winter months see their fair share of freezing rains, ice storms and snow. The most volatile weather, however, tends to occur when winter is grudgingly giving way to spring. This is when cold fronts dropping down from Canada often collide with warm moist weather rising up from the Gulf of Mexico, creating conditions which are ripe for supercell storm formation. Supercell storms differ from other types of storms in that smaller single-cell and multi-cell storms feed into the much more powerful supercell’s cyclonic updraft. Energy from these storms explodes vertically, causing vicious down-drafts. Violent thunderstorms are often accompanied by whipping winds, punishing hail, flash-flooding and even tornadoes.

Tornado Alley

Since there are no official criteria, there are no exact boundaries to what is popularly known as “Tornado Alley.” One thing is for certain, DFW is at the core, with as great a density of tornadoes and supercells as anywhere in the entire country, and that includes Dorothy’s Kansas!

Building codes vary greatly from locale to locale but will often be much stricter in areas known to have a greater chance for wild weather. As a reminder, homeowners need to really pay attention to the condition of their roofs. Frequent inspections by the homeowner are a must, and an annual inspection by a certified licensed Fort Worth roofing company is highly recommended. Quality Fort Worth roofers are trained to help you maintain your current roof and advise you of all necessary repairs or replacements that may be needed.

Historically, the area has seen some of the worst storm-related weather ever recorded. Hailstones as large as baseballs have fallen on the Dallas-Fort Worth area! In just the last two decades the Metroplex has been brutalized. On May 5th, 1995 a supercell storm caused more than $2,000,000,000 in hail damage, making it one of the costliest storms in U.S. history. More recently, in June of 2012, another storm cast huge hailstones wreaking nearly as much havoc as the 1995 storm.

What This Does to Your Fort Worth Roofing

Whenever you have to think about your roof, whether it’s for new construction or for an existing home, pay careful attention to what others in your area are doing. For folks new to the DFW area, it’s smart to consult with a proven Fort Worth roofing company before starting any projects. They know their territory and what works. They will install the highest grades of metal or asphalt materials in such a way as to give you and your family the utmost in protection from unpredictable elements. The good folks at Old Pro Roofing have earned their A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) the hard way. They have seen their work subjected to some of the worst that nature has to offer, and they will be there when you need them. Give us a call to schedule a free roof inspection to see if your roof has sustained hail damage from a storm.

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