Historic Roofs series: Singapore Sports Hub

The largest domed roof in history is currently being constructed in Kallang, Singapore for the new Singapore Sports Hub. The building is touted to be an architectural accomplishment that has never been achieved before with a retractable 35-hectare domed roof with spanning 1,017 feet. Although the sports complex originally was scheduled to be completed in 2011, the construction did not even get underway until that same year, making the new estimated completion date April 2014.

New And Improved National Stadium

The new sports hub is being built on the same site as the previous National Stadium, the Grand Old Dame. The process began in 2007 with bidding on the construction of the monumental structure. Unfortunately, due to the financial crisis that hit in 2007 and escalated costs, the project was put on hold. Finally in 2010, the announcement came that the contract for the construction had been signed and in September 2010 the demolition of the old stadium was under way.

The new sports hub will be impressive by any standards. There are several features, including the remarkable roof, which will make this stadium a phenomenal accomplishment. Some of these features include:

–        A 55,000 person capacity

–        An indoor aquatic center that can hold 3,000-6,000 people

–        441,320 square feet of commercial space

–        Sports promenade, information and resource centers

The Amazing Domed Roof

Of course the grand finale on this large building will be what is on top. The domed roof will not only be the largest in the world, but it will also retract, double as a projector screen and will glow with over 3,000 LED lights that will adorn the trusses. It is this roof that has set it apart in the architectural world and will make it a world attraction once it is complete.

Arup designed the roof and the construction was contracted to Singapore Sports Hub Consortium, which is headed by Dragages Singapore Pte Ltd. The roof is constructed of ultra-thin steel and weighs over 8,800 tons. Due to the hot climate, the roof will most likely be closed during the day to provide protection from the sun and then retract at night when possible. The sides of the roof will be used as LED screens that will also be one of the largest screens in the world. All in all, it will be an impressive top on an amazing structure worthy of a National title.

All roofs, both the largest and the smallest in the world, need maintenance regularly to prolong their life. After the time and expense that has been put into the construction of the Singapore Sports Hub domed roof, you can be assured that it will receive regular maintenance to ensure that it lasts.

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