How Does the Date of Loss Affect My Insurance Coverage?

Natural disasters do not keep to a set schedule, which simply means that homeowners need to be prepared at all times for these random occurrences. For instance, if you live here in north-central Texas one of the phone-numbers you should have on your emergency list is that of your Fort Worth roofing company. Another is that of your insurance company. You may need both at about the same time if your residence is damaged by one of the areas not-infrequent Texas twisters.

Just as different roofing companies may give you different service quality, homeowner insurance policies can vary widely from state-to-state and company-to-company. If you move from one state to another some “standard” policy clauses, such as those pertaining to “date of loss”, could change even if you use the same insurance company.

So, what you see here is not legal advice. For that you would want to contact an attorney with experience in the field. Rather, the following tips are aimed at providing you with some things to be aware of and some avenues for you to explore should you need more help.

  • Don’t Assume –

    Read your policy carefully before you ever need to use it. Know what your coverage is and what your responsibilities are. Study your “date of loss” clause. It should tell you how much time you have to file a claim after damage has occurred. Insurance companies are always on the lookout for fraud, so any claims you submit will need to be corroborated by reported dates of any disaster. Be aware of deductible amounts and know that flood insurance is usually a separate policy.

  • Help is Available –

    If you can’t locate your insurance information after a calamity, don’t panic. The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) can provide contact information for your company or agent should you need it. TDI can be reached at 1-800-252-3439.

  • Documentation –

    Some policies require at least three separate repair estimates from Fort Worth roofing contractors to accompany your insurance claim, but you should also take care to provide plenty of documentation.

  • Don’t Jump the Gun –

    Permanent repairs shouldn’t be started until after the adjuster has had a chance to complete an inspection of damage. If you don’t wait your claim could be denied. You want to be present when the inspection is made, and you may wish to have a certified Fort Worth roofer like Old Pro with you to provide assistance to the adjuster.

  • Residential Property Insurance Bill of Rights –

    If you are having communication problems with your adjuster or feel that you aren’t being treated fairly,  check out the Bill of Rights for Residential Property Owners online. You can get support as well as a fund of information regarding your rights and obligations.

Remember that due-diligence, documentation and timeliness are keys to successfully navigating your way through a difficult course. Call Old Pro Roofing for a FREE roof inspection. We’ll make sure that you have all the documentation you need to file your claim!
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