How To Spot A Failing Roof

There are several clues, and the biggest one is age. If your roof is more than 20 years old, there’s a good chance it’s due for replacement. But younger roofs can fail too, so it’s a good idea to inspect a roof at least once a year. Don’t use a ladder, though. Binoculars are easier and a lot safer, and you can spot most problems from the ground.

Curling of shingles

Curling of shingles is an indication that you might need a new roof. Take a look at the slopes of the roof. Do you notice any shingles that are curling or losing granules? If you see curling or granual loss, your shingles may be past their prime.


If the shingles are beginning to fall apart, it is a clear sign that you need to get a new roof. Missing shingles in the valleys of your roof are particularly dangerous. If shingles in the valleys are missing, the roof might develop leaks.

Chimney flashing

This area, too, deserves your attention. If the flashing mainly consists of tar or roof cement, you will probably have to replace it with a long lasting, watertight fitting

Shingle granules in your gutters

Are finding shingle granules in your gutters? Roof shingles begin to lose more and more granules as they age.

Sunrays coming through your roof

Can you see sunrays coming through your roof boards? This is a clear sign that your roof has been compromised and needs to be replaced.

Age of your roof

A typical shingle roof may last up to 25 years. But if your current roof was installed over an existing layer (or layers) of shingles and is older than twenty years, you may need a new roof.

Always consult a reputable roofing contractor to have a thorough examination of your roof to make the most informed decision. Call Old Pro Roofing today to get a free roofing evaluation!