How To Spot a Storm Chaser And Why You Should Beware

It is unfortunate that there are always people and companies that try to scam people after a tragedy or disaster. We have all heard of scam artists that create fake charities for victims of natural disasters and keep the money for their own profit. A less publicized predator is roofing companies that are called “storm chasers.” These individuals and companies descend on a town after a bad storm, offering roofing services that they either never perform or do not stand behind. Do not let yourself be fooled by these profiteers and scam artists.

Storm Chaser “MO”

The MO or “modus operandi” of the storm chaser roofing companies is to come into a town right after a storm and start knocking on doors of homes that have been damaged by the storm. Dallas-Fort Worth has had many of these over the years, and they have stolen insurance checks, did inferior work and left homeowners with poor quality roofs that just wont last. Common traits of these storm chasers or roofing gypsies are:

–        They watch the weather channels and head for areas hit by heavy hail and other storms that are bound to do roof damage

–        Crews will start canvassing neighborhoods, looking for roof damage. They will hand out flyers or knock on doors, often offering free roof inspections.

–        Many do not carry appropriate insurance.

–        The construction work is shoddy and in many cases the roof needs to be replaced just a few years later. When roof problems start, the company is long gone and the homeowner is left paying for yet another roof out of their own pocket.

In extreme circumstances, these roofing companies may be completely illegitimate and leave after getting a deposit without ever doing the work at all.

How To Protect Against Storm Chasers

The best way to spot a storm chaser and protect yourself is to hire a local Fort Worth roofing company when you have roof storm damage. For the most part, these storm chaser or roof gypsies are easy to spot, as they will have an out-of-town phone or out-of-state license plates. Some other ways to protect yourself from these opportunists are:

–        Always ask to see proof of insurance.

This will also show where they are based, even if they got a temporary local number or happen to have Texas plates on their vehicles.

–        Visit their office.

Some of these companies will give out local addresses that are nothing more than rented office space or a mail delivery location.

–        Contact the BBB.

Look for companies like Old Pro Roofing that have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

–        Ask for local references.

If the company is legit, they should have local references you can call to ask about their work.

These roofing companies are shameless and only want to profit from others in a time of crisis. Make sure you are not their next victim by hiring a local Fort Worth roofing company that has an excellent reputation for quality workmanship, like Old Pro Roofing.

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