Metal Roofing Is Tougher Than Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Goatee


Do you live in a location where you see the roof damage (and wallet damage) that hail storms cause? Do you wish you didn’t have to repair or replace your roof once every couple years or more? Well depending on what material your roof is made, you could either be saving yourself from the issue or exacerbating it…

Living in Dallas Fort Worth

Unfortunately, living in a place like DFW can really hurt your roof if it’s made of weak material. Since we experience some of the worst storms in the country, we really need to be diligent about preventative measures so we aren’t constantly filing roofing claims with our homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies are notorious for finding ways to not have to replace roofs by shooting up premiums and proration techniques so homeowners really need to be proactive about protecting their homes in other ways. The best way is to replace your roof with a sustaining material.

Roofing Material

Let’s talk about the material that is easily damaged by severe hail storms. Roofs made from wood, asphalt, and fiberglass shingles, as well as clay and concrete tiles and plastic and composite materials, are all very damageable during a hail storm. The new trend lately seems to be slate roofs. Slate is very appealing. It looks really cool and different. However, as far as resistance in a hail storm, slate fails just like the other shingles and tiles. Because of the extreme temperature change during a hail storm from warm to cold, slate becomes unstable and will easily break from the precipitation. Any time the slate breaks it leaves your home open to further leaks and damage.


 Time Weakens All

When roofs are first completed, they seem to hold up nicely. Over time, however, the wear and tear on a roof will cause it to become unstable, usually only after five years. When your roof is damaged during a bad storm, this leads to leaks infecting your home with mold and mildew. Of course, this causes all sorts of new issues that you definitely don’t want to be dealing with on top of a damaged roof. Because roofs are not really visible from the ground, a lot of times people are unaware their roofs are damaged until something more extreme happens like a leak or mold growth. Now you’re looking at a huge cost in repairing a roof, leak, mold growth, cracks, etc. In hail storm torn areas, it is especially important to do so because it can take contractors months to get to your damaged roof. Make sure to carefully check and inspect your roof after a hail storm so it can be repaired as soon as possible.


 Metal Roofing Is King

I’m sure at this point you are wondering what roof will hold up during a hail storm so you’re not paying for crazy damages, costing you your arms, legs, and first born. Well, a great alternative to the shingles and tiles is metal. Metal provides protection that will hold up in a hail storm and keep your home from experiencing the leaks and cracks you get with other roofs. Metal cannot be penetrated by hail, keeping your home and possessions safe from exposure. While metal may have cosmetic damage after a bad hail storm, it will not cause any damage to the interior of your home so you can rest easy. Having a metal shake and shingle roof gives a cool random formation too! So not only is it reliable in a hail storm, any indentations the hail may cause blends in with the form of the metal. This saves you on costs and repairs. Now what could be better than that? Maybe sneaking a sip from Steve Austin’s stone cold beer…


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