Roof Replacement vs Roof Repair

At some point during the lifetime of a roof somebody has to make some tough decisions as to whether continued repairs or a complete roof replacement is called for. Occasionally it’s a no-brainer, as occurs with natural disasters when an insurance company adjuster assesses the damage and ultimately makes the call. At other times the homeowner is the final arbiter. Either way it is generally a good idea to call in professional help. In Fort Worth, roofing companies stay busy year-round because nature doesn’t take time off. Winter freezes, springtime hail storms and the blistering summer heat cause a variety of specific problems as well as the concerns of overall weathering and aging.

When it is time to make the hard choices remember that your Fort Worth roofing contractor can save you a tremendous amount of time and money. The following are points to consider when you get down to “crunch time” and you have to pick between more roof repair or a complete roof replacement.

  • How old is your roof? – There are no absolutes when it comes down to repairs or replacements, but the closer you are to the end of the projected useful lifetime of your roof the more likely it is that a roof replacement is in order.
  • Type of roof – Depending on the roofing system in place it may make more sense to opt for roof repair for a longer or shorter period of time. With more expensive roofing the homeowner will often wish to put off replacement but it’s important not to wait too long. This is where your professional Fort Worth roofer can really help with your decision.
  • Type of damage or wear – If you just have a few broken or missing shingles, shakes or tiles the problem can often require no more than some spot repairs. If the damage is more extensive or if there are actual holes in the roof then a roof replacement increasingly becomes the more logical choice.
  • DIY: How you spend your time – Even when homeowners make their own repairs eventually the time and expense involved  no longer make sense. It’s good to know when you are starting to throw money at a problem that is no longer “fixable.”
  • Long-term vs short-term – Homeowners need to keep their own long and short-term goals in mind. Your Fort Worth roofer can help you figure out whether you will recoup enough of your expense if you go for a roof replacement and plan to then sell your home or if it makes more sense to pass that choice on to the next owner and have it reflected as a price incentive.
  • “Hidden” values of roof replacement – Any roof replacement is expensive, even on relatively small outbuildings, but there can be a variety of ways that you can reclaim some of that initial expense. If you must replace your roof see if there are any tax benefits that you may qualify for. Your insurance carrier may offer special rates for certain types of roof replacement. A new roof will also have tangible value if you should decide to sell your property.

Certified professional Fort Worth roofing contractors can save you a lot of grief and money, so don’t hesitate to use them as a valuable resource.

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