Roofing Choices

What Roofing Material is the Right Choice?

How do you know which of the many choices is right when it comes to repairing or replacing your Ft. Worth roofing system? Old Pro Roofing, the roofing contractor Fort Worth with the most knowledge and best customer service, can help you decide.

Because of our numerous roofing choices, we are the roofing contractors Forth Worth trusts to provide the easiest decision on materials for your home. To discuss our roofing systems, call our guys today. They are happy to meet you and help you out.
Asphalt Shingles

The most popular choice for roof coverings in America are still the asphalt shingles. The reason being asphalt shingles have low costs for installing and maintaining. There are different grades of asphalt shingles for your roof. Asphalt shingles with a good grade can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. Asphalt mixed with rag mat and fiberglass and covered with colored mineral granules make up the covering of these shingles. It is a thin material but is made thicker by layering it to provide dimensions. They come in a variety of styles, designs and colors. They are easy to replace because you can replace individual shingles if necessary. Sometimes you can even cover an existing shingle with a newer one instead of having to replace the old shingle completely.
Metal Roofing

Long-lasting, tough, and lightweight are just a few ways to describe metal. It’s a little pricier than other materials, but metal comes in a variety of colors and designs. Metal can be shaped into panels or more of a shingle look and can be colored in almost any way. Because of this it can look like slate or whatever meets your style needs. Because of their long lives, metal roofs come with lifetime warranties.
Slate Roofing

You may not know that a slate roof can last over 100 years with virtually no maintenance or very little. This is because slate has extra weight and is very high quality. It has a variety of colors and looks, but you will pay a pretty penny. However, because of its lasting life, a slate roof may be worth the investment for you.
Tile Roofing

Tile comes with many color choices, looks and texture so it very eye-catching. Tile can be mission, flat or rounded. Tile can last over 50 years because it is made of concrete or clay and costs about the same as wood. Even though tile lasts long, it can be costly to replace and your roof must be able to stand under the weight of the material.
Wood Shingles & Shakes

More costly than asphalt, wood roofing comes in cedar, red wood and cypress. Wood can hold up for 35 years. It provides a more natural look. For safety and a longer life, pressure treat the shingles with preservatives to resist fires. Over time, wood can shrink or become weak and the roof covering may be exposed or compromised. Replace these individual shingles whenever needed.

Many things like budget, taste and necessity will affect which type of roof is the best choice for you. Carefully consider which Ft. Worth roofing material will get you what you want and need. Call the experts from Old Pro Roofing to help you choose the right choice for your home.
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