Should I Install Copper Gutters?

Gutters are an important part of any home’s roofing and drainage structure. They protect both the roof and the foundation of a home by collecting water and safely draining it away from the home. The most common type of metal used in gutters is aluminum, mostly due to its rust resistance and affordability. However, copper gutters can be a higher quality option that not only will last longer, but also will add an aesthetic appeal that aluminum gutters do not offer.

Benefits Of Copper Gutters

There are several reasons that copper gutters are an excellent investment. First and foremost, copper is a very resilient material that can withstand the elements much better than aluminum. It is not only rust resistant, but it also tends to have fewer issues with cracking and corrosion over time. This means the gutters will last longer and will be more functional as well.

Another reason that people choose to invest in copper for their gutters is the pure beauty that they add to a home. They can add both curb appeal and resale value to the home. Few people would consider gutters to be ornamental, in fact they are usually colored to blend in and not attract attention. However, copper is a beautiful metal and these gutters can actually accent a home while also serving a functional necessity. They come in different types and styles to match and accentuate any home’s exterior.

Adding Copper Gutters To Your Home

If you decide to add copper gutters to your home, be aware that the initial price will be more than their aluminum counterparts. However, as with almost any product, higher quality is worth the price you pay. They are worth the extra cost in both their durability and performance, not to mention the added beauty to your home.

Although many people have added aluminum gutters to their home themselves, their copper counterparts are not a do-it-yourself project. These specialized gutters will need to be installed by a professional, as they need special care to be fitted correctly. They also usually require soldering. You will want to use a Fort Worth roofing contractor that specializes in copper gutters since they require installation techniques quite different from standard aluminum gutters.

Once they are installed, copper gutters require the same type of maintenance as any gutter system and should outlast those that are made from aluminum. They will need regular cleaning, just like any gutter and are no more difficult to maintain then any other type of gutter.

To have copper gutters installed, you will need to find a qualified Fort Worth roofing company that is experienced in handling copper gutter installation. Since this is an investment into your home, you want to ensure that the roofing contractor is known for high quality workmanship and is highly rated as a Fort Worth roofing contractor. All qualities that you will find in Old Pro Roofing.

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