Specialty Product Series: Aluminum Metal Roofing

One of the many options for metal roofing is shakes or panels made from aluminum. These metal roofs have many of the same benefits as other metal roofing options and some drawbacks as well. Although they have the energy efficiency and the leak protection that those who are looking at metal roofing want, they may not be the best choice for those who live in areas with heavy hail storms like the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Aluminum Roofing Attributes

Aluminum seems like a great choice for a roofing material; it is lightweight, durable and is virtually leak proof. It can save on energy bills and even looks great. However, there is a big difference between aluminum and steel when it comes to roofing material and hailstorms.

The big problem with aluminum is that any object that hits it, even small hail, easily dents it. Although it most likely will still prevent leaks and will last a long time, the look of the roof will be compromised after any heavy hailstorm. Although insurance companies have in the past replaced these aluminum roofs when they’ve had enough damage, many are starting to add waivers for cosmetically damaged roofs that would exclude them from future replacements.

Metal Roofing Options

In other parts of the country, aluminum metal roofing may work great, but unfortunately, in hailstorm country, it is not the best option. Metal roofing is available that is hail and wind resistant, made of steel panels instead of aluminum. Some of the other types of metal roofing that many Fort Worth roofing companies offer, including Old Pro Roofing are:

–        Stone coated steel roofing.

One of the most durable and attractive metal roofing options is the stone coated steel. The steel is covered with stone chips and coated with acrylic film. The final result is a durable metal roofing system that has the aesthetic appeal of shakes or tile, combining brawn and beauty.

–        Standing seam metal roofing.

For the best leak protection available, standing seam is the best option in metal roofing. Instead of using screws to drill through the metal panels, standing seam uses vertical seams that are clipped or snapped together. This eliminates possible leaks in the screw holes and is perfect for all different roof slopes.

–        R-panel metal roofing.

R-panel has all the same benefits of most metal roofing systems such as durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance, but is more one of the more affordable options. It has an exposed fastener system and is easily installed on a variety of roofs.

For those who already have an aluminum roof that is damaged, it may be possible to get your old roof replaced through your insurance company with another type of metal roof that is better suited to the Dallas/Fort Worth weather. The roofing professionals at Old Pro Roofing will be more than happy to do a free inspection on your existing roof and help you negotiate with your insurance company to get your damaged roof replaced.

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