Specialty Product Series: Concrete Tile Roofing

In greater Fort Worth, roofing materials are available in a wide variety of styles and construction. Depending on the desired look or function these materials offer the consumer something for every home style. Concrete tile roofing, for instance, is beautiful, durable and can replicate the look of other roofing materials including natural slate, clay tile and wooden shingles or shakes. Superior weathering qualities make concrete a solid choice in the arrays offered by Fort Worth roofing contractors. The following will help to illustrate these values.

Concrete Tile Roofing Styles

Cedar shakes, Vermont slates and Spanish tiles have long been favored roofing materials and consumers are generally aware of the different appearances. Less familiar to the average homeowner, perhaps, but very popular with Fort Worth roofing companies are the concrete tile roofing products made by both Boral and Crown. If a consumer is looking for something to accommodate Tudor styling, for example, Boral produces the Saxony lines that re-create the beauty of old-world slate and shake roofing. Old Pro Roofing is ready, willing and able to install concrete tile roofing that will please the most discerning customer. We are happy to consult with you on all construction and design concerns, including suitable color choices.


In whatever look you choose, concrete tile roofing offers improvements on the material that it mimics. Concrete will last longer than wood shakes and offer superior fire and bug protection. If your architectural style is patterned after a Spanish or Mediterranean tile, the use of concrete rather than clay will give you the long life of tile at a better price point.

Slate roofing, depending on the quarry source, is regarded highly for its ability to outlast the surface it rests upon. However, slate is very expensive and very heavy. Today’s concrete tile roofing will last a long time without the weight and expense of slate, making it a great value for homeowners.

Pigments used today are long-lasting and designed to resist fading and other signs of deterioration. They also aid in the balance of heat and light reflection and absorption.

Environmentally Sound

Sustainability in both the manufacturing process and consumer use are features that make concrete tile roofing a responsible alternative to many other technologies. Concrete products rely less on fossil fuels to produce and technology is such that the methane emitted from landfills can be recaptured and re-purposed for manufacturing.

Boral even has a line of SMOG-EATING Tile! A catalyst is incorporated into the upper layer of the roofing tile which acts in much the same fashion as an automobile’s catalytic converter, causing oxidation that reduces ambient nitrogen-oxide, a major component of smog.

Concrete can consistently outlive other roofing materials, lessening the need for replacement, there-by creating further energy savings. The material is also generally lighter than comparable “natural” products, which decreases the amount of supporting construction necessary to carry the load. This saves not only material but also saves the consumer money, which increases the likelihood that the consumer will be able to afford a greater environmental consciousness.

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