Specialty Product Series: Slate Tile Roofing

Slate tile roofing has been a staple of the construction industry since it was first introduced to the public in 13th Century Europe. Fort Worth roofers who handle slate products are sure to point out the natural beauty and durability of the tiles. Slate tile roofing, properly installed, often lasts for a century or more! The information below can help you if you are building a new home or resurfacing an existing structure. In the long run putting on quality slate tile roofing may easily prove to be a better “bargain” than other systems with lower initial cost.

  • Curb Appeal –

    Slate roofs look good up-close and from a distance, setting them apart from other roofs constructed with run-of-the-mill materials. Subtle color changes within the stone allow roofing artisans to create intricate eye-pleasing patterns and symmetries. A home with a beautiful slate roof will have greater re-sale value than similar homes with lesser roofs.

  • Fire Protection –

    Slate is one of the safest possible materials in areas of high fire danger. Slate tile roofing has proven itself time and time again to be nearly impervious to flame.

  • Watershed –

    Slate is extremely dense and sheds water rather than absorbing it, which also makes it viable for cistern spillways and tile walkways.

  • Low Maintenance –

    A good slate roof will give owners peace-of-mind when it comes to taking care of their investment. For maintenance inspections of the roof or to remove any storm debris, it’s best to call in a professional Fort Worth roofer. Although the roofs are quite strong, the slate shingles can break if they are stepped on incorrectly.

  • Pest Resistant –

    The nature of the slate is such that it does not attract great numbers of insects or other pests. If you do need to call an exterminator to deal with unwanted wasp nests make sure you find someone with experience on a slate roof. Repairs can be costly.

  • Fungus Resistant–

    Slate is extremely water resistant, which means it won’t hold onto the kind of moisture that is likely to encourage fungal growths and mildew on other types of roofs.

  • Low Environmental Impact –

    The long life and lack of waste make slate tile roofing a good choice for the ecologically concerned homeowner. Slate roofing can last three and four times longer than ordinary surfaces and that adds up to a lot of saved landfill space.

The premium values of slate tile roofing are certainly a factor when it comes to the cost of installing on a roof. The structure itself must be able to support heavy loads and great care must be taken when choosing your Fort Worth roofing company. Slate tile roofing is a master craft that requires technical know-how and the savvy and coordination to bring a roof to life. The benefits of a slate tile roof may not be apparent when compared to more common materials. The initial expense of slate is significant. However, when you can show your grandchildren and even great-grandchildren the very roof you grew up under, well, the connection is timeless.

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