What is flashing and how does it affect my roof’s lifespan?

One question you might find yourself asking about your roof is: what part of your roof stops the water from leaking through and flooding my home? What is it you can do to prevent such a thing from happening? Well never fear, Old Pro Roofing has some advice that can help make understanding your roof and flashing much easier.

What is flashing?

Flashing is basically your roofs last line of defense against weather leakage. Roofers take pieces of sheet metal such as aluminum, galvanized steel or even copper and use them to prevent water from flooding your home. They do this by placing the metal in all the joints of the wall constructions to prevent water seeping into the house and causing damage. It works because of gravity. As the storm water hits the roof, the flashing sheds the water off the roof and onto regular roofing materials and is directed safely to the ground. Here in the Fort Worth, this priceless.

Why is flashing referred to as Weather Proofing?

I think we would all agree that weather plays a huge factor for roofing, especially Fort Worth roofing. When getting your roof flashed it is important to understand why they also call flashing weather proofing. All of the other layers of the roof tend to expand with the heat of the sun’s rays and contract with the coolness of the night. This enables all of the top roofing layers to move and get out of place. However, the flashing on your roof remains durable through the expansions and contractions. With good roof flashing your roof will remain leak-proof and durable. In order for your flashing to remain durable it is important that your roofer uses the best material possible and ensure that the material is properly painted. It is important because flashing, like everything, weakens with stress over time. The better care you take of your flashing the longer it will last.

What type of metal is best for flashing?

The type of metal you use is also important. Flashing is usually a sheet metal such as aluminum, copper, painted, galvanized steel, stainless steel etc. It is important to pick the right type of metal to prevent any failure and to prevent any leaks. Copper is an excellent material for flashing because of its malleability, its strength, its ability to absorb solar energy and it also provides a long life span. Cold Rolled 1/8”-hard temper copper is a great product, but somewhat pricey. Some flashing materials, if not maintained, tend to deteriorate with too much exposure to the sun.

Flashing with the proper tools and equipment you can improve your roofs lifespan. By making sure your Fort Worth roofing company paints the metal properly and applies the correct metal you can extend your roofs life significantly. So take care of your roof and flashing because it will take care of you in the long run. If you can’t remember the last time you had your flashing or roof checked, call Old Pro Roofing for a free roof inspection. We will come out to your house within 24 hours and give you an expert opinion on the health of your roof and any work you may need done to extend its lifespan.

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