Great Values with Designer Composition Shingles

Fort Worth roofing companies are keenly aware of the needs of area homeowners and business people, and that’s why they rely on the value and performance of high quality composition shingle roofing. The weather can be harsh in north-central Texas and the elements will test a roof in rigorous fashion. GAF Lifetime Series products have demonstrated their effectiveness to Fort Worth roofers and this is why discerning contractors and homeowners have flocked to those companies that offer their line of designer composition shingles. Let’s take a look at some of the salient features of designer composition roofing.

  • Safety –

    Homeowners can rest easily when they have GAF designer composition roofing systems over their heads. These roofs carry the superior Underwriters Laboratories’ Class A fire protection rating and that’s as good as it gets. In addition to protection from fire, these shingles, with proper installation, can withstand winds of up to 130 mph!

  • Durability –

    Some roofing systems may boast of a long useful life but if colors fade and shingles curl a roof could look awful and perform poorly for half of that claimed useful lifetime. GAF products all undergo comprehensive testing before they are allowed anywhere near an actual homeowners’ residence. Fort Worth roofers who install one of the Lifetime systems by GAF are able to assure their customers that they are going to receive good value for their hard-earned money. Colors stay true and algae resistant while shingles retain their flexibility and granular coating. Designer composition shingles also offer great protection from damaging sunlight and the adhesives are made to withstand wide and rapid temperate fluctuation.

  • Installation –

    Designer composition shingles are made to be installed securely, quickly and efficiently, with an absolute minimum of wasted material. Each system package comes complete with necessary specialty shingles and accessories which speed up the entire process and produce the best visual results. This translates into economic benefits and addresses today’s environmental concerns.

  • Appearance –

    When you work with one of the outstanding Fort Worth roofing companies that utilize GAF products you get a lot more than some random shingles nailed over your head. In addition to superior installation you will receive valuable information and advice on design, style and economy. The finished roof will be a real eye-pleaser.

  • Affordable –

    You get a pleasant surprise when you reach the bottom line of your proposed roofing project. With the design and manufacturing qualities inherent in the use of designer composition roofing it is gratifying to learn that the cost of such a roof is just a fraction of what it would take for most alternative roofing solutions.

Old Pro Roofing is a GAF Certified Weather Stopper Contractor. If you are considering or need a new roof , call one of the numbers listed below and you will already be well on your way to well-deserved peace-of-mind and security.
Fort Worth Roofing Office: 817-929-ROOF (7663)
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