Preparing Your Roof for Summer

Hailstorms, blistering heat, steamy humidity, monstrous thunderstorms and tornadoes are no strangers during the volatile Texas summer, and these elements take a dramatic toll on Fort Worth roofing. There is no true “escape” from the weather but there are measures you can take to ensure that your roof gives you the best performance possible.

Maintenance is a key factor in extending the life of your roof, and Fort Worth roofing contractors are ready to help you maximize the useful lifetime of the most important protection from the elements that you have. The following list includes items that will help you “weather the weather.”  Some things you may wish to take on yourself, while others are best-left to professionals. If you aren’t sure, call one of the numbers listed at the end of the article for Old Pro Roofing. Free comprehensive inspections are easy to schedule and can save you a lot in the way of time, money and worry.

• Shingles

Depending on your roofing material check for missing, torn or cracked shingles or tiles and repair or replace as needed. Particularly on north-facing surfaces check for mildew, mold or algae buildups. Clean or treat as necessary.

• Flashing

Loose, dented and bent flashing can lead to problems. Make sure there are no places that water can access the sub-roof.

• Vents

The value of proper ventilation can’t be over-emphasized. Moisture in the sub-roof and attic is a sure-fire way to introduce unwanted mold and mildew, situations that not only affect the life of the roof but can also have serious health impacts on you and your family.

• Gutters & Downspouts

These need to be inspected and cleared of any debris. Excessive rusting should be addressed; it can indicate standing water. Dents can constrict water flow, making it easier for clogs to form.

• Attic and Walls

Moisture can damage or even destroy your roof from within. Humidity can be extremely high during the summer in Fort Worth. Roofing needs to “breathe” well in order to do the job correctly. A reputable roofing company can determine whether your home’s roofing system was designed and installed correctly or if retrofitting is indicated.

• Surroundings

Overhanging branches and dead limbs need to be cut back or removed. Good drainage around your structure can help to reduce moisture that collects in the attic.

Use both short-term and long-term thinking when it comes roof maintenance. Spending some time and money now can save you a lot of both in the long run. Remember that a professional inspection by a reputable firm will let you know about the overall condition of your roof as well as specific steps that may need to be taken. At Old Pro Roofing, inspections are always complimentary. Don’t wait until you have visible problems to check on your roof. Be pro-active and call Old Pro today.

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