Synthetic Tile Roofing Hits the Sweet Spot

The wild climate extremes of North Central Texas are a challenge to the entire home building industry, particularly the obstacles that face all Fort Worth roofing companies. Not only do materials need to be able to withstand the punishment nature can mete out, but the products themselves need to be affordable so that the average homeowner or business person will be able to use them.

This is where the synthetic shake and slate products from Inspire Tile and DaVinci come into play. Fort Worth roofing companies regularly use these materials because they can count on quality fabrication, ease of installation and attractive price points. Next, we’ll go over a few of the main points to consider when looking at synthetic tile roofing.

Benefits of Synthetic Tile Roofing

  • Performance –

    When all other factors have been weighed in, the overriding concern is still going to come down to how well does a product work. It can look great, be inexpensive and easy to install, but if it doesn’t work it isn’t a good value. The best synthetic tile roofing options are obvious to Fort Worth roofing companies, because they clearly lead the way in performance.

  • Durability –

    Products from Inspire Tile and DaVinci are durable, wind-resistant, fire-resistant and hold their color without fading. Hailstorms are a regular feature of the landscape and Fort Worth roofers rely on the Class-4 impact-resistance ratings both tile manufacturers provide. Properly installed, homeowners can feel secure under their roof for generations.

  • Visual Appeal –

    Homeowners love the look of a slate or shake roof and that is exactly what they get with the best of synthetic tile roofing. The profiles are right, the proportions are right and the colors are true when replicating natural shakes and slates. With today’s advanced technologies the colors resist fading so the roof will look good throughout its useful life.

  • Cost to Value –

    Obviously a major consideration when choosing a roof, and this is true for architects, building contractors and homeowners alike, everyone is pleased to find out just how feasible it is to utilize synthetic tile roofing. For products that successfully mimic the appearance of natural slate and shake the expense is surprisingly low.

  • Installation –

    In Fort Worth, roofing contractors appreciate the way synthetic slates and shakes are designed for ease of installation and that colors are coordinated so that there is no time or material wasted on sorting.

  • Sustainability –

    Synthetic tile roofing consistently lasts for years and years beyond the average lifespan of composition shingles. Another good feature is that materials used in the manufacturing process can be recycled and re-purposed whenever a roof eventually does need replacement.

Trees are spared every time synthetic shakes are used and it takes far less fuel to make a synthetic slate roof instead of one quarried from the ground. Many products offer Energy Star ratings and “cool” technology, both of which earmark heightened environmental awareness. Ask your Fort Worth roofing contractor to tell you more about the benefits of synthetic tile roofing.

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