What Happens if Your Fort Worth Roofing Insurance Claim is Denied?

Hail damage isn’t a new thing, nor is it a rare occurrence in DFW. The region is hit, on average, about twice a year by significant hail storms. Residents, insurance companies and Fort Worth roofing companies all have vested interests in the results of these storms.

Filing Your Insurance Claim

Homeowners may decide to file an insurance claim for hail damage after examining their own roof or having a roofing contractor inspect for damage. The insurance company sends out a claims adjuster to inspect your roof and the company will accept or deny your claim based mainly on the recommendation of the adjuster. If you have a claim with your homeowner’s insurance denied, you should know the basis of that decision.

Insurance adjusters are trained to look for specific items during their inspection. For example, they have to distinguish between new damage and existing blistering or deterioration. They look for “bruising”, mat breakage and collateral damage (marks on nearby metal surfaces). Bruising is the mark left when a roof shingle is struck by a hail stone and is characterized by the presence of loose protective granules as well as granules that have been compressed into the shingle. Insurance policies vary by company, but most use a “hits per square” formula that ranges from six to sixteen bruises per 100 sq. ft. (a square) of roof. Some adjusters are better trained than others and some have more experience. Remember one thing: all of them work for the insurance company, not for you.

How a Fort Worth Roofing Company Can Help

Your claim could be denied or under-scoped, which is when the adjuster’s estimate isn’t enough to pay for needed repairs. If you disagree with the denial you can request another inspection with a different adjuster. It’s a good idea to have a reliable Fort Worth roofing company present for the re-inspection. Your chances of a successful resolution are much greater when you have a pro with you. If there is significant damage that was missed by the first adjuster, your Fort Worth roofing company will be able to point out what was missed and make certain this is brought to the attention of the second adjuster.

During this process your roofing contractor will be able to provide a full estimate with detailed data on the scope of the damage. Your insurance claim could be denied a second time; if your contractor is convinced that you have a legitimate claim, you can call for another re-inspection with a different adjuster, once again. If it goes this far, you would be wise to move up past the adjuster level and request that a supervisor and/or engineer be present for the inspection.

Old Pro Roofing is among the best-rated Fort Worth roofing companies. They have expertise and experience not only in roof installation but in knowing how to deal with balky insurers. Friendly professional service is just a phone-call away. Call us for a free inspection and estimate on your roof damage.

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